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Celebrating our 1st Anniversary of #OmAtHome on International Yoga Day

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Free Yoga For Kids

Fitness Ki Dose Adha Ghanta Roz

Join us in our Mission "Healthy Kids" with FIT India,
starting 21 June'21 on #InternationalYogaDay On the 1st Anniversary of our initiative #OmAtHome
I Am The Best Mom is proud to organize a FREE!!! yoga certification programme for Kids.

21 Days Yoga Certification Programme For Kids

Starting 21st June 2021,
4 days a week, 5:00 - 5:30 pm

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Yoga is derived from the term “Yuj” which means Union – Union of body, breath, and mind. It means uniting with the self. It improves strength, balance, endurance, and aerobic capacity in children.

Kids today are spending most of their time struggling between their schools, tuition, extra-curricular activities and have very little time understanding their inner potential. As they grow they seem to be juggling between things with poor decision-making abilities. With such a packed schedule, Yoga opens up the gate to wider opportunities. It infuses energy and confidence into their personalities. Yoga helps in channelizing the energy in the right direction which makes the child creative and talents blossom.

About The Trainer

Ms. Kaveri Banga

Kaveri Banga is an Internationally certified yoga teacher and a trainer with Art of Living. Yoga is her way of life and she has been practicing and training Yoga for over a decade. She is passionate about the health and wellbeing of kids & is on a mission to improve their holistic health. Her online yoga classes are interesting, engaging & she teaches yoga in a play-way method.

She believes A child is a true yogi. A yogi someone who has physical fitness, a calm mind a composed state of mind, and always joyous, happy and optimistic, and all those qualities we look forward to.


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