I Am The Best Mom

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Dr. Jai Madaan

Astrologer & Vastu expert

Dr. Jai Madaan is one of India's well-known names as an astrologer, numerologist, palmist and vaastu expert. She is also a renowned motivational speaker and a sought after relationship counselor.

I feel delighted to be writing the foreword of I AM THE BEST MOM. A courageous and self-proclaiming statement in itself, the title of the book is self explanatory. We don't want to be known as just a mother, but as the best mother.

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Dr. Anuj Rastogi


Dr. Anuj Rastogi is a prominent neonatal pediatrician. With 26 years of child care experience to his credit, he has co-authored several articles for journals and leading newspapers. He is also a regular blogger, and actively shares his expertise on various social platforms. Being a social influencer, Dr Rastogi advocates a holistic approach towards child care

Jazy Tara, a popular animated series on YouTube is the brainchild of Dr Rastogi. Through its videos, he addresses everyday issues that are of prime concern to both kids and parents.

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Winging my Aspirations

Making Motherhood More Rewarding

They Aspired,
They Accomplished!

Unlock important insights for your
child's all-round development

Child's eating habits, growth and behavior concerns you?

#IAmTheBestMom covers all areas from the child
being an infant to a teenager.

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Making Motherhood a Delightful Experience, One Step at a Time.