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French Class

French Language: An initiative by I Am The Best Mom.

We as a focused Motherhood community believe language requires no need. From children to senior citizens everyone can learn any language they want. People who can speak more than one language, have very improved memory, better learning skills, and many others.

So why learn French?

With over 200 million “francophones” in the world, French is one of the most widely spoken languages today. It is also one of the official languages in several countries. With globalization, more and more people want to learn international languages, especially French owing to its reach.

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French is the language of the future.

It helps your child to solve math concepts.

It helps your child solve word problems.

Your child develops logical thinking.

Your child improves his memory power.

Your child improves his focus and decision-making powers.

Your child develops creativity.

It improves social-emotional development.

It leads to long-term success.

Leads to quick learning and academic success

About The Trainer

Ms. Mahima K

Ms. Mahima is a seasoned French Language Trainer with over a decade of expertise. She is a passionate educator, corporate trainer, and linguist with over 10 years of experience & expertise in the field of education. About her profession, she has a wide area of experience in teaching French to children and adults.

Ms. Mahima is highly organized in her approach and her lesson planning. She has worked with French Embassy both in India and the US with graduate delft certification. She also uses her knowledge in French as a translator & corporate trainer.

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