9 Activities To Develop Emotional Wellbeing In Children

Children can be very sensitive to the little change in their surroundings or events in life. While they are also quick to adapt, how they adjust largely depends on the caretakers and how they are kept active most times. The key is to simply be involved with children just as much as possible.

Add some imagination in how you play with children. Get creative with them. Here are a few activities for kids that will help both children and the caretakers have an equal amount of fun and help with the child’s emotional wellbeing. So just go ahead!

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1.    Get messy:

Playing in mud or sand is a favourite thing for children. Allow children to go outside and come home all smeared in mud. It helps kids to express how happy or sad they are. If they go the extra mile and paint themselves in God knows what colours, just be pleased as long as they are child-safe paints.

2.    Take the kids to the park as often as possible:

Despite a kids’ play-area in your society, it is always a great idea to go to kids playground. It gives children the feel of going on an adventure and somewhere different. Running around and tumbling downhill can cackle them up. Also, they make new friends along the way. Kids can be very excited with the different kinds of flora and if they are lucky to have a park that hosts a variety of fauna, it will be quite an experience for children. A few parks do have such mini-zoos, so look out for one.

3.    Pretend play:

Children love to playact as it takes them to a world of their dreams. Be a sport. Volunteer to be a character in their little drama and they will be more than happy to let you into their little play. Puppets are another way that you can entertain the children with. Let your children invite their friends to a puppet party. Don’t mind if they use your jackets or shoes to playact like you!

4.    Host a fancy-dress party:

From Disney’s characters to what kids want to become when they grow up – a fancy dress party can bring a lot of kids in one place to give your child the best company. You will be amused at how kids show up as your little one revels at each get-up just as much as he is with his outfit.

5.    Put little hands to good use:

Involve in craft activities for kids. Pull out the cardboard boxes and build a house with them. Do they fit in? Who knows, they might invite you to their new address! Or get stuff from the recycle bin and make handicrafts. Or get origami. Girls also like to make beaded jewellery, so go for it. Have a box of wool, thread, clips, paddle pop sticks, straws, and a variety of stickers to get creative. Get sand art for kids.

6.    Story reading:

Just don’t read out stories. Make children feel the stories as you narrate them most believably. Kids love tales. It helps them rise above any sadness that they might feel. Stories are a beautiful way to elevate a child’s spirit.

7.    Drawing/Painting:

It could be one of the most conventional things that children do, but drawing and painting certainly help your child explore the world outside. Kids are quick to register anything new that they observed recently and draw it in their funny portrayal. At the same time, it can soothe children in no time.

8.    Hop-scotch, treasure hunt, and more…

If you decide to let your child play at home, make it a kids adventure ride.  Treasure-hunt is one of the most popular games children like to play as it adds thrill to their expedition. Enjoy a sunny afternoon on a wintery day playing hop-scotch in the backyard. Or simply draw out a maze for kids in the drive-way. Or how about an obstacle game? Here are a few more ideas:

  • Balancing on board
  • Jumping over or crawling under a row of chairs
  • Get a dartboard
  • Play musical chairs
  • Get into a Hula-Hoop challenge
  • Aim a beanbag into that laundry basket
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Play with bubbles
  • Put up an indoor jungle gym or a ball pit for kids

9.    Get musical:

Music has therapeutic properties. Go foot-loose, let children dance to their favourite songs. Or simply try playing a musical instrument or sing.

There are endless ways to keep children involved. The only way they can stay away from boredom is by getting your helping hand too. At times children need to be told what else they could do to have fun. Here’s where you play an important role and this is why you help them develop overall emotional well-being.


written by
Dr. Anuj Rastogi

Dr. Anuj Rastogi is a prominent childcare specialist who comes with 26+ years of experience as a Sen...