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I Am not giving up

It is our constant endeavour to create a kinder, more inclusive world for children with autism.

With this campaign, #ItsAlrightToBeDifferent we look forward to spreading more awareness within families and societies to accept autistic children and treat them without any prejudice.

Helping Your Kids with Autism Thrive!

There are many things you can do to help a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) overcome their challenges.
These parenting tips, treatments, and services can help.

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Art for Autism

Expressing Love and Emotion through Colours

Art is an outlet for self-expression, imagination, and creativity. The visual arts are very impactful in the improvement of cognitions, visual and spatial discrepancies, fine motor skills, and coping. Many people with autism struggle with communication and are often visual thinkers.

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2nd April

World Autism Awareness Day

We always want the best for our kids…best amenities, the best education, best nutrition. But are we imparting them the best of values as well? Raising a special kid takes a lot of courage, strength, and patience apart from a self-sacrificing humongous heart filled with nothing other than love.

The least we can do is make them feel loved and accepted in the global community. Let’s edify our kids with compassion and benevolence and teach them to stand up for their special friends because #ItsAlrightTobeDifferent.

Virtual Exhibition

Art for Autism

On the occasion of World Disability Day, 3rd December, we brought everybody together under one umbrella through ‘Art For Autism 2020’, an online art exhibition of paintings to spread awareness of early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).